Bake Share Baking
Contact: Michael Wollner
Address: 20871 W Genoa Ave Lake Villa, IL, 600468
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Phone: 847-219-5053
About Us
Bake Share is our name and it describes who we are. I love to share my pies with people and each pie comes with a story of how I remember my Grandma Winnie or Grandam Lois making these pies with all the love that they showered on me. I am very grateful that they taught me how to make them and now I get to share that with all my customers.
My daughters and I started to make pies together, because they loved “daddy’s pies” and now they both help me bake them each week and even man the booths with me at a Farmer’s Market near you. They are the joy of my life and I am glad we can share this journey together. As a family we pitch in for pies!
Fresh is what we do. Our flour is milled in small batches locally by Janie’s Mill. 2 years in the making the old world wheat from Janie’s produced a crust (dare I say) as good as my grandmas. We locally source everything we can. Many come right from my own apple and pear trees in my yard. That’s pretty local.
The ingredients make our pies but what really make them good are the stories behind them. Each pie comes with a little story about how the pie came to be. What we hope is that you take the pies we Bake and Share them with friends and family. Sharing a good pie with a loved one is the most full you can be.