FreeStyle Peppers, LLC
Contact: Erin Gray
Address: 5801 Washington Ave, #99 Mount Pleasant, WI, 53406
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About Us
FreeStyle Peppers makes pepper medleys with a variety of heat levels to complement any meal or recipe. All of our medleys without sun-dried tomatoes have only three simple ingredients, and four simple ingredients when sun-dried tomatoes are added. The names of our mixtures are as follows, Mellow, Pleasant Heat, Plummy, Delightful, Eccentric, Warming Up, Molten, Ruby Rage, Peppy, Sweet Tang, and Smoke Em! As previously mentioned, each variation can come with or without sun-dried tomatoes.
All of our pepper medleys have only three or four ingredients (depending on whether or not you choose with sun-dried tomatoes)! We are Gluten Free, Non-GMO, No Added Sugar or Salt, No Added Vinegar, Vegetarian and Vegan. Our products range from meek and mild to hot and spicy. When adding any of our medleys to your meal or recipe, start small! A little goes a long way.