The Mitchell Family Farm
Contact: Rob Mitchell
Address: 6227 37th Ave Kenosha, WI, 53142
Email Address:
Phone: 262-331-9907
About Us
Back in 2014, I decided to make the winter months a little warmer by growing vegetables hydroponically in my basement. I spent a great deal of time tending to my tomatoes and jalapeno peppers and learned how incredibly soothing it was to my body and mind. I perfected the process. My intent was to have fresh, homemade salsa during fall and winter, but as a result of those plants I learned, I had caught the gardening bug and incredibly green thumbs.
I was hooked!
Years later I discovered microgreens. I was fascinated with the fact that the majority of microgreens were harvested anywhere from one to two weeks after planting. It opened up my world, and my short attention span. Once I began growing them, perfecting them, and learning how to incorporate them on my plate, I knew this was my calling.
That brings us to the present day. I have found my meaning, my work, to be a part of providing health and joy to others. Purpose and passion brought to the plate.
Urban farms grow in square feet, not in inches, using good manufacturing practices. Middle of winter? With microgreens, there is no need to wait for the ideal growing season because you can grow them 24/7/365. From seed to table in only 2 weeks!