Roedger Bros. Blueberries
Contact: Rich Roedger
Address: 242 N York St. #337 Elmhurst, IL, 60126
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Phone: 312-560-5993
About Us
Roedger Bros. Blueberries In early 2009 Rich and Mike Roedger launched Roedger Bros. Blueberries with the goal of having the very best blueberries in the world available for people year round. Taking only the finest first pick blueberries from our very best fields and putting them directly into the deep freeze within hours of the harvest gives customers of Roedger Bros. Blueberries fresh frozen flavor that is second to none for smoothies, baking or right out of the box as a cool refreshing snack. Roedger Bros.
Farms Established in 2003 in the heart of the Michigan “Fruit Belt” the Roedger Bros. Farms in both Covert and South Haven Michigan are located on some very blessed acreage, boasting sandy soil, just the right amount of lake effect snow and the optimum weather for the growing of fantastic blueberries. Add in historically passed down and proven pruning techniques, dedication to excellence and a strong commitment to the environment and what you have is the recipe for Roedger Bros. Blueberries. The perfect combination of great taste and ultimate nutrition…quite simply, “Pound for Pound…The World’s Greatest Blueberries!”