Maci Moo Treats
Contact: Cathy Fields
Address: 5959 374th Street North Branch, MN, 55056
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Phone: 847-477-3963
About Us
We sell dog and cats treats that are unique. We make most of our treats and all of our items are all natural from the USA. We never use chemicals, additives or preservatives. For dogs we have Bully sticks, Beef cheeks, Bison tendons, Turkey Tendons, Cod Skins, Minnows (from Wisconsin), Tracheas, Pig, lamb and cow ears, Turkey jerky, Chicken jerky and Dog Spa products (Skin Stuff, Healing Stuff, Calming Stuff, Paw Stuff and Mosquito and Flea Stuff)that are made with essential oils. We have many other homemade treats like Bacon and Egg biscuits, Pumpkin and ginger, Cheese it for dogs and Seafood Meowables, Salmon and Parsley, Swimps and more for cats.
Our most popular items are the Cod skin and Minnows, dogs and cats like them equally. The Beef cheeks are very popular for dogs that LOVE to chew. The pumpkin and ginger biscuits are popular for dogs with sensitive tummies. The Seafood Meowables are the most popular cats treats with the Swimps coming in second for cats.